Ref,JLMLW, Berkhamsted HP4,

A family living in Berkhamsted are looking for a part time nanny to help look after their 9yo daughter

The hours and days are:

Term time

7.30-8.45am (before school until she leaves – she’s encouraged to walk to/from school from this term)
3.30-6.30/7pm (after school when she gets home)
7.30-8.45am (as above)
3.30-6.30/7pm (after school when she gets home)
7.30-8.45am (as above)
3.25-6pm (including school pick up and dropping to gymnastics )
7-8.30am (including school drop off)
7-8.30am (including school drop off)
3.25-5.30/6.30/7pm (after school when she gets home/including school pick up)
Its roughly around 18hrs however mum occasionally travel for work/have train issues so there is a need for flexibility (and in those situations greater hours). Mum would also be willing to consider someone who needs to bring their child or another child they are looking after with them.

They have a small dog (18 month old boston terrier) so could increase the basic hours with dog walking (+4hrs).

Start date is September and the pay is £12 gph

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